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Man on a Boat

What would I say and what would I do if I could go back to those moments and speak boldly from my own human heart rather than reacting from a place of fear where I believed I would fail unless I was “doing as well as the boys” or “being one of the guys.”

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What I learned by posing like Amy Schumer

As I began to mimic your pose, a sensation of strength and power arose in my body. It’s like how shaping your mouth into a smile releases endorphins even if you’re sad. I realized, to get the right effect, my foot couldn’t just rest on the stack of wood, it had to stomp directly on top of it. The position of the coffee cup had to look as though I had just taken a sip, because it had to appear as if I was so confident in my skivvies I was relaxed enough to enjoy a latte.

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Big 'Duck Hunter

Helen and I descended a slope where everything grew but houses. That land was destined to be part of the sea as it curled onto the beach, rolling like a player piano scroll upon which each cottonwood, thimbleberry and foxglove might trigger a single note when it hit the sand and washed away.

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